Up-update: I forked the 2048 game and added a looper feature, where anyone can create their stupid bot!

Update: I stumbled upon this super robust AI which solves the game! albiet with a bit of lag.

In the past 2 days my facebook newsfeed flooded with posts about a new game, 2048 which itself is a clone from an existing game concept (dejavu?).

After playing with it for awhile I wanted to write an AI that solves the game, because this naturalI certainly can’t solve this game! The first step I took was to simulate keypresses, which I did using a js script here in firebug console, so I didn’t have to modify the game’s code at all. At this point I still haven’t read a single line of the source code. But all this does is either moving randomly, or moving in a fixed circular pattern.

It’s a stupid bot that presses some keys for you, but it scores better than me! Will come back and work on a proper AI soon!