I want to sponsor the translation of a book: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (the book is in public domain, epub is attached, or see source here)

I read it, and loved it so much that we thought more people should enjoy it, especially my friends and family in Cambodia who don’t read English! I actually tried to translate this myself, but gave up soon as I quickly realize how awkward my Khmer has become. I thought that it might be a better piece of work if someone with better Khmer literary experience do the work, and it might be a good source of income for someone to work from home!

If you are interested, please send your translation of the paragraph below (the first paragraph of chapter 1) to skeang+translation@gmail.com.

“I seemed to be standing in a bus queue by the side of a long, mean street. Evening was just closing in and it was raining. I had been wandering for hours in similar mean streets, always in the rain and always in evening twilight. Time seemed to have paused on that dismal moment when only a few shops have lit up and it is not yet dark enough for their windows to look cheering. And just as the evening never advanced to night, so my walking had never brought me to the better parts of the town. However far I went I found only dingy lodging houses, small tobacconists, hoardings from which posters hung in rags, windowless warehouses, goods stations without trains, and bookshops of the sort that sell The Works of Aristotle. I never met anyone. But for the little crowd at the bus stop, the whole town seemed to be empty. I think that was why I attached myself to the queue.”

Excerpt From: Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples). “The Great Divorce.”

I look forward to hear from you!


13 Sep 2021